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While most people on dating sites like TrulyAfrican are genuine singles looking for love, there are bad apples in every bunch. How Nigerian dating scams happen Online dating scammers Top 8 Dating Sites In Nigeria 1. Sexynaija is one of the most widely-used online dating sites that works in Nigeria, It is as simple as, create a profile, check out your NigerianDating is a place where you can date Singles in Nigeria for free. Our online dating service is % free. At, we bring like-minded Single men and Single The US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Commission (IC3) reported receiving over 15, allegations of romantic scams in In , romance scams reported a record Once you go beyond using 3 dating sites in one country, you spread yourself too thin. It’s better to focus on sites than using too many. Badoo is a good site to meet Nigerian girls for dates, ... read more

A friend of mine once told me that looking for love online is like looking for money on a busy road. In as much as this friend of mine might be right to some extent, it still doesn't alter the fact that impossibility is nothing. After all, we've heard series of stories from people who found love online.

However, we're aware of the ills and downs that come with online dating. Therefore, it is advisable for one to apply caution when exchanging details, especially when it comes to visiting him for the first time.

First on our list of top free dating sites for single people across the country is Friendite. Created in , Friendite since its launch has been among the top growing social dating site in Nigeria.

It is believed to be more than just a dating site as its members can share photos, videos, create events, wall news feed, blogs and groups, read the latest news and play games with other members. In addition, Friendite has the best design and layout of all the Nigerian dating sites, making the experience particularly user-friendly. Hence the attraction of over 84, registered members with a daily visit of 9, members.

Second on our list of the top free dating site is Sexy Naija. This website is campaigned to be one of the best free dating sites in Nigeria and is believed to be the most established site having started off way back in Interestingly, this Nigerian site is free to the core; nothing like paying for any premium membership.

And just like other dating sites, you sign up by providing the normal sign up information including blood group, religion, occupation, marital status, drinking habit etc. Some of the attractive features of Sexy Naija includes Instant Messaging, Chatting, forum, a blogging application, and your own internal email — all these is to help improve your user experience which will help to ensure good communications between singles. Everybody seems to know Tinder.

And this is because it has taken off to become, arguably, the latest craze in online dating. Dating scammers will communicate compelling feelings for you in a generally brief timeframe.

They will recommend moving the relationship away from the online dating site to a more private platform like phone, email, instant message, or texting.

While most people on dating sites like TrulyAfrican are genuine singles looking for love, there are bad apples in every bunch.

Online dating scammers will put forth an admirable attempt to acquire your commitment and trust by giving you adoring words, sharing personal information about themselves, and in some events, even sending you gifts. They may require a very long time to build what may feel like a genuinely incredible romance and may even profess to book trips to meet and hang out with you; however, they never really come.

Whenever they have acquired your trust and your guards are down, they will ask you either subtly or straightforwardly for cash, endowments, or your banking information.

It is not merely the cash that hurts in these sorts of schemes. Usually, the victim has built an emotional connection with these scammers, trusting them to be sincere and a promising significant other. That makes it even more excruciating when the mat is pulled free from under them, and the scammers run away with their income or investment funds.

A large number of these schemes to deceive vulnerable individuals searching for love come from Nigeria. There is a clamoring underground economy of scammers who set up profiles on online dating sites and sweet talk clueless individuals out of their investment funds.

Sometimes, these scammers quite often guarantee that they intend to find true love and build a relationship, and even telling their victims that meeting with them was destiny. These scammers usually endeavor to find middle-aged, single, or widowed women who are in vulnerable situations.

When carrying out these Nigerian dating scams, the scammers tell a rather expound story to attract potential victims. They make fake profiles with pictures of appealing individuals, mostly taken from other online profiles. They will mostly tell you that they are from the same location where their victims are from; however, the scammer will include that they are working or studying abroad, in military service, or for quite a few different reasons. As a new user of online dating platforms, you should always be careful about who you are talking to.

Some may be genuinely interested in you, but others may be a part of these Nigerian dating scams. To protect yourself from these scammers, always be aware and vigilant. After only a couple of messages, your new match claims strong affection for you and requests a secret visit with you. If someone is truly genuine with you, they will take the time to get to know you better, even if it would take months.

They attempt to request that you continue communicating through chat or email. Following the establishment of confidence based on false pretenses, solicitations for money or other items begin. Asking someone to donate money or presents is a form of dating fraud.

In other situations, the fraud entails requesting that someone transmit intimate images or provide personal identifying information or financial account information.

The intimate photographs might be used to blackmail someone or placed on pornographic websites, while the personal identifying information could be utilized in identity theft frauds. Scammers frequently conduct dating and romance scams via online dating websites, but they may also contact victims via social media or email.

They have even been known to initiate contact with their victims by phone. Catfishing is another term for these schemes. Scammers frequently construct fictitious online personas to entice you. They may use a made-up name or impersonate real, trustworthy individuals such as military personnel, aid workers, or professionals working abroad. Scammers will express intense emotions for you in a short period of time and will advise that you take the connection away from the internet and onto a more private channel, such as phone, email, or instant messaging.

They frequently claim to be Australians or residents of another western country but are actually traveling or working in another country. They may spend months cultivating what appears to be a lifetime romance and may even pre-book airfare to visit you but never arrive.

Additionally, they may request that you submit photographs or videos of yourself, maybe of a personal nature. Frequently, the scammer will claim that they require the funds for a personal emergency.

For instance, they may assert that they have a critically ill family member who requires immediate medical attention, such as an expensive operation, or they may assert financial difficulties as a result of an unlucky run of bad luck, such as a failed business or street mugging. Additionally, the fraudster may pretend they wish to visit you but are unable to do so without your assistance in covering their airline or other travel expenditures.

Occasionally, the scammer may give you important products such as laptop computers and cell phones and would request that you resend them to a different location. They will fabricate a reason why they require your assistance in delivering the products, but this is really a cover for their illicit activities. Alternatively, they may request that you purchase the goods and ship them yourself. You may even be required to accept funds into your bank account and subsequently transfer them to another individual.

Occasionally, the scammer will inform you of a significant sum of money or gold they are transferring out of their nation and give you a portion. Dating and romance scammers can also be a threat to your physical safety, as they are frequently affiliated with international criminal networks. Scammers may seek to lure victims overseas, placing them in potentially perilous situations with terrible effects.

Regardless of the method used to defraud you, you could end up losing a significant amount of money.

Your Report comes with access to People Search tools to look up contact and background information for all owners. Your Report includes access to Unlimited:. Property Information, Ownership History, Assessed and Market Value, Tax Payment History, and more Inofrmation available. Password reset instructions sent to your email. alone, over one year.

Usually, it is because victims remain quiet and stoic, embarrassed that they have been scammed by someone they met online. However, this crime happens to people both young and old — your friends, neighbors, men, and women. You may become a victim when you least expect it and leave you mildly annoyed, or heartbroken and in financial ruin.

Others participate in something called a romance scam , where they pretend to be a trusted friend and online lover. They may find you where you least suspect it, through an online game, social media platform, by message or email, or using apps of all varieties. They are catfishing you using a fake profile, so you think that they are the sweetest until they scam you.

Other times, you open an email where someone needs a loan and claims that they will pay you a thousand or million! dollars in return. They sound genuine, and you need the cash.

Whatever the specifics of each scam , the reality is that Nigerian scammers are fictitious characters writing about fictitious happenings. When they attempt to trick you out of cash, they write seemingly personal, genuine messages. When they deceive through romance scams, they appear to fall in love and write to reel you in. This trickery can be convincing, as their words often rival a Hollywood love story. The character they have created is romantic and down to earth, which is why so many people fall for them and fast.

They want nothing more than to meet, date, and be with you forever. How are Nigerian scammers are so successful at deceiving smart, savvy, otherwise careful people? The answer is that these scammers have plenty of practice and you are not their only victim. While you are being scammed, they are also scamming or attempting to scam, many others at the same time.

Frighteningly enough, the above represents only a fraction of Nigerian scammers favorite scams. Here is the playbook and scripts these scammers use. How do we know this? From experience; we helped thousands of scam victims over the years.

Their contact might feel random and unexpected. They use a fake profile so that they seem too good to resist. If their goal is a romance scam, they might tell you, later, that it was chance or destiny that brought you together, but they messaged multiple people and targeted you because you were financially secure, middle-aged or older, seemed vulnerable or depressed, and were single or widowed.

Other times, they send messages to as many people as possible and see who takes the bait. They may claim that they usually live in your neck of the woods or domestically, in the United States. They will then say that they are overseas due to work, schooling, religious obligations such as being a missionary , or another critical obligation. If they are male, they might claim to be working on an oil rig or that they are a member of the military, a contractor, or an engineer.

Female scammers will claim to be models, porn actresses, or traveling nurses. Both genders might say they are in the Peace Corp or students. Some will admit to being born abroad and claim they need help due to an oppressive government. If they want you to fall in love with them, they will send you photographs of them which seem a little too beautiful or good-looking to be true. These are fake photographs they have stolen from a real person or model on the internet. If they are setting you up for a Ponzi scheme or other financial-only fraud, they will push the deal quickly.

You are their priority, as you are their next paycheck. Its part of their ploy to seduce you into loving and trusting them. The more time you spend communicating with them, the faster they can move to the second part of their plan — reeling you in and asking for cash!

Just how long are you talking to this person daily, texting and messaging back and forth? When it comes to a Nigerian scammer , the answer will often be upward of 3 or 4 hours daily. Their devotion to you is part of their job. As it is their job, they use tools. One tool could be translating software like Google Translate, as they attempt to fix or minimize any language barriers between you.

Even if they claim to be widowed or have children, they will insist that you are now one of the most important people in their life and part of their future. They will compliment you and send you romantic, flowery, flattering comments.

As we already discussed, the photographs they sent you are fake. How do they do this? Honestly, it is not difficult for a scammer to steal images through Google. They then crop out identifying details and place the photos on their computer desktop or save them in their phone. They might even create a file which contains ready-to-use stolen photographs. However, they usually select images of people who are attractive enough to seduce the average person, but not so beautiful they might be completely intimidating except scammers who pretend to be fake models or working in porn.

Unless the scammer excels at speaking English convincingly, they will avoid talking to you on the phone verbally. Other times, they will speak to you and send you a video of someone you believe to be them.

If they send you a video, they have stolen it from YouTube or Instagram and edited their voice over someone not directly talking to the camera, all to keep up the ruse! What They Will Do When You Get Suspicious.

At some point, Nigerian scammers know that you are likely to become suspicious. They need you to believe everything they tell you, without question, so they have props or documents to support their story. While these items might appear authentic at first glance, they are counterfeits which anyone with WiFi and computer access can create through Photoshop or editing apps. The documents they send might be fake job contracts from their oil rig or contracting job , a copy of their passport again, a fake , fraudulent oil contracts, counterfeit professional degrees, fake letters from attorneys, etc.

They might also become passive aggressive and hostile if you continue to question them. They might ask you for a small amount within a week or so of the meeting, to test the waters. For more significant amounts, they may wait several weeks or a month or so, once they are convinced you to trust them.

They promise to pay you back, including interest. What Do They Ask For? As we mentioned, a small item might be a gift card or an iTunes card. Every time you send them something they ask for, they automatically renew their interest in you and will ask again.

Some common excuses Nigerian scammers give as to why they need a loan or gift:. What Limits Do Nigerian Scammers Have? Generally, none. You could be recently widowed, recovering from surgery, or struggling to pay your mortgage and they will not care.

They justify it to themselves that you live in the United States and have plenty of money. They may ask you to send them money from your paycheck, even if you need it, and promise to pay you back before your rent or bills are due. on your home, sell your house, or max out your credit cards.

The next thing you know, your bank account will be drained dry. Although Nigerian romance scams are only part of the many scams perpetuated, they are often the most convincing and painful.

Continue to refuse and they will seem to switch personalities and behave in an emotionally abusive manner, to try and guilt you into complying. While this is sometimes true, many scammers make enough money to live well. A scammer might continue the scam by saying they fell in love with you or ask you to accept money from others they are tricking and send it to them. NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT AGREE TO HELP!

Once you finally refuse all methods of helping them, they will block you and move on. Social Catfish was recently able to connect with a genuine Nigerian scammer who was willing to be a whistleblower on the entire scamming industry! He shared behind the scenes information with us and produced files that new Nigerian scammers use.

The techniques they use are similar to prompts given to people who work in sales jobs. For each response or question you have, their chart lists an answer which a scammer can say to trick you further. They have a script about their goals and motivators, if they smoke or drink, their inspirations, if they believe in true love or like sports, etc. The most frightening thing of all is that scammers copy and paste these pre-made replies into messages.

We like to imagine that people follow the rules because they want to. That is true, to some extent. However, in the West African country of Nigeria, the legal climate is very different than in the United States. For the million people who live in Nigeria, there is little oversight for those who scam others. It is common to see a big divide between the rich and poor, with fancy neighborhoods surrounded by slums.

Roughly around 30 percent of their income goes to bribes bribing government officials, those in the financial field, and skirting law enforcement.

With so many criminals on their payroll, no one reports the scammers dirty deeds. Add to this the fact that many Nigerian people live in slums without running water or electricity, and it is easy to see why young people want the life of a scammer.

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1. Friendite. First on our list of top free dating sites for single people across the country is Created in , Friendite since its launch has been among the top growing Meanwhile, the Internet Crime Commission (IC3) of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (F.B.I.) reported that in these types of romance scams counted for 15, reports exceeding The US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Internet Crime Commission (IC3) reported receiving over 15, allegations of romantic scams in In , romance scams reported a record Welcome to the best free dating site on the web. Nigeria is a % Nigeria Free Dating Service. Meet thousands of fun, attractive, Nigeria men and Nigeria women for FREE. Top 8 Dating Sites In Nigeria 1. Sexynaija is one of the most widely-used online dating sites that works in Nigeria, It is as simple as, create a profile, check out your While most people on dating sites like TrulyAfrican are genuine singles looking for love, there are bad apples in every bunch. How Nigerian dating scams happen Online dating scammers ... read more

For more significant amounts, they may wait several weeks or a month or so, once they are convinced you to trust them. Worse, these types of scams are increasing in number even though the Nigerian government created the EFCC Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. Subscribe To TrulyAfrican Receive up-to-date news, dating tips, and more! General Inquiries: welcome socialcatfish. Most reports show that many of these schemes to defraud vulnerable people looking for love start in Nigeria, where a thriving underground economy of scammers sets up profiles on online dating sites and sweet chats unwary victims into parting with their funds. About The Author. Katsina Dating.

According to CNNfederal authorities have charged ten people in Oklahoma, bad online dating site in nigeria, New York, California, and Texas with conspiring to launder money obtained through a romance scam targeting women nationwide. Bayelsa Dating. They have even been known to initiate contact with their victims by phone. S Victim Romance Scammers: The History, Money, and Statistics Behind Romance Scams Christian Mingle Scams: How to Avoid These Types of Romance Scammers. A lot of people think that finding Sugar Babies or Daddies in Nigeria is very difficult. Gombe Dating.